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Boston Trip

We have traveled a lot, as a family or individually, however we needed somewhere to go this summer where we hadn't ever gone before. The last time my grandparents came to the U.S from India, we took them to the Grand Canyons. Therefore this trip needed to be twice as nice for our Grandfather, a well educated man with a Ph.D. in literature. We decided to travel to the most historical place we could think of, the Athens of America, Boston. We arrived late afternoon on Friday, after unpacking our things we took a quick drive around the city, to take in the city's atmosphere. The next morning we decided to take a tour of the first college in America, Harvard. We then visited the famous Boston Commons, a public part dating from 1634, making it the oldest city park in the United States. All throughout the city we saw dozens of these bus/boats giving tours around the whole city. So we decided to take the tour, which ended up being a very informative and comedic 80 minute tour.

On Sunday morning we headed out of the city after a quick stop at Flour Bakery and Cafe, and we headed down to Plymouth. We had stopped by for the scenery and spectacular view of Cape Cod Bay. We simply enjoyed the view and bought some souvenirs for our cousins back home. All in all it was an amazing trip spent with my grandparents and family.