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Jannat Al-Baqee Protest 2015

The annual Jannat Al-Baqee Protest was on Saturday July 24th 2015. Hundreds of people gathered in Washington D.C. from local areas and afar like Chicago and New York. They all gathered with posters and chants to protest against the destruction of the holy shrines, against Wahabism, and to relay the true nature of Islam.

On 8th Shawwal in the year 1345 AH (April 21, 1925) the mausoleums in Jannat Al-Baqee, located in Madina, were demolished by King Ibn Saud. The destruction of sacred sites in Hijaz by the Saudi Wahabism continues till this day. Al-Baqee literally means a tree garden; it is known as Jannat Al-Baqee due to its sanctity, since many of the Prophet's (Prophet Mohammad) relatives and companions are buried there. The Wahabis believe that visiting the graves and shrines of the Prophets, the Imams, or the saints was a form of idolatry (worshiping Idols) and un-Islamic. Those who did not conform to such beliefs were killed and their property was confiscated.

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