Professional Photography


Bird Watching in Shenandoah National Park

Our uncle came for a business trip from Dubai last summer. He is really into nature photography but he mainly loves to take picture of birds. So one Saturday we went on a hike in Shenandoah National Park. It was about an hour to get up there but once we entered it was another hour going from the south entrance all the way to the north. Going up the mountain was really fun because on the way we saw animals on the side of the road and vultures flying above us. We started our hike during mid-day and found a path that led us through different parts of the forest. We aimlessly walked around capturing the sights of different birds hiding in the bushes and flying away from the crack of a branch. We were almost ready to go home than we heard a woodpecker in the distance, just pecking away. We tried so hard to find its location in the above tree line with different calls from my phone to lure towards us, but after hours of searching we had to gave up and accept defeat. Shooting wildlife is a challenge on its own, but once you get that shot its all too rewarding. The day was fun and having this experience of learning the techniques of bird photography from my uncle is unforgettable.